ZJNU Advantages

Top 100 University

Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU), founded in 1956, is one of the few key comprehensive universities in Zhejiang province. According to the China University Ranking, ZJNU is one of the top 100 universities inChina. Chemistry, Physics and Engineering are the three top 1% disciplines in the world according to the ESI (Essential Science Index) global ranking.

Characteristics Disciplines

International Economy and Trade
International economy and trade is an important part of international economics, is open under the condition of microeconomics, mainly studies the exchange of goods and services between countries in the world, a study of the causes of international Commodity Exchange, as a result, as well as relevant policies.International trade theory research scope including the international flow of factors of production and technology international transfer of knowledge.Factors of production and technical knowledge on the one hand, as a special commodity has its own international market, on the other hand, as inputs to play an important role in the production of goods and services.

Software Engineering
Close to their work and applicability is very strong, in the present work platform modernization, data information professional background, the professional can meet the requirements of modern government management.
This professional student degree in education at the same time, the system will also be in accordance with the demand of enterprise specification accept professional quality and professional ability.Graduates in addition to a solid professional skills, good foreign language application ability, also have certain engineering practice experience and good professional quality, so it is of stronger employment competitiveness.

Business Administration
Students in complete after two years of basic course and compulsory management class learning, can from business management, tourism management, marketing, human resources management and so on four aspects to choose professional direction, to the cultivation of the ability to learn and related professional knowledge.Obtain employment direction: with the popularity of teaching management and deepening, last year, China's various management personnel 38 million people, including the state organs of civil servant's 6 million people, over the next 20 years, or 2020 years ago, our country will continue to hold a big number of management personnel, all kinds of management personnel needed for China's 1000-13 million, is China's industry and employment is more popular. 

Computer Science and Technology 

Students after graduation can go to the large telecom service providers, large communication equipment manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad for technical development work, also can go to the other enterprises and institutions engaged in network engineering design, maintenance, education, training, etc.

Communication Engineering
After graduation can be engaged in wireless communications, television, large scale integrated circuit, intelligent instrument and application in the field of electronic technology research, design and communication engineering research, design, technology import and technology development work.Graduates in recent years focused on the communication system, development of high-tech companies, research institutes, design unit, the financial system, civil aviation, railway and the government and colleges and universities, etc.

Chinese Language and Literature
Chinese language and literature is the study of the Chinese language words, syntax, appreciation of the ancient and modern poetry, prose, fiction, and many other literary works, familiar with the basic knowledge of the editing and publication of a discipline.Through learning of Chinese language and literature, can have the solid foundation of the Chinese language skills and strong writing ability, know how to evaluate a literary work, editing and publication, and will also have a fortune, broad knowledge and outstanding humanities quality.

Overseas Cooperation

The University makes strenuous efforts to open up to the outside world. In recent years, ties of academic exchange and cooperation have been set up between ZJNU and 92 foreign universities and research institutes in 42 countries.

In 1996, ZJNU set up a Center for Chinese Language and Culture in Cameroon. In 1997, the University was authorized to accept short-term and long-term international students. Approved by the Ministry of Education, ZJNU established a Base for Education Assistance and Development in 2004 to undertake human resources development projects for senior educational administrators from other continents. In addition, the University has been authorized to run a center for overseas studies to assist self-funded students to study in foreign countries. In 2007, the University was authorized to accept international students supported by the Chinese Government Scholarship, and established a Confucius Institute in Cameroon and Ukraine respectively.

Convenient Transportation

The university enjoys very convenient transportation with 30 minutes’ drive to Yiwu Airport and 40 minutes to Hangzhou and 100 minutes to Shanghai by the High-Speed Rail. 

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