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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How does a student get to downtown Jinhua?

A: Students may choose to take Bus No.330, Bus No.37, Bus No.18, or the School Bus to Jinhua railway station. From there students will take a train to the downtown area of Jinhua.

2. Q: How do students apply for on-campus living?

A: Students must come to the International Student’s Office in person to apply for on-campus living.

3. Q: How do students apply for off-campus living?

A: Students must submit the housing contract from the house owner and the registration voucher of residence from the police station to the International Student’s Office.

4. Q: When does the dorm close?

A: From Monday to Thursday and on Sunday, dorm doors are closed at 23:00. On Friday and Saturday, dorm doors are closed at 24:00.

5. Q: What must students do before having a party in the dorm?

A: Students must apply to the dorm administrator before the party, and pay a deposit of 1000 RMB. You must clean up after the party. If any items are damaged, you must make compensation. No loud noises are permitted in the dorm during a lunch break, or after 23:00.

6. Q: How does a student purchase food in the school cafeteria?

A: A student may use their student card, or they may buy a meal ticket in the cafeteria.

7. Q: Does the University have Muslim cafeteria?

A: Yes, our University has a Muslim cafeteria, which is located at Taoyuan cafeteria.

8. Q: What is the function of the student card? How do you apply?

A: The student card can be used for eating in the school cafeteria, riding the school bus, and entering the library. Every new student must come to the International Student’s Office to apply for the card.

9. Q: How does a student apply for a visa?

A: A student needs to take his/her passport (If the student lives outside the campus, he/she needs to bring the accommodation housing contracts and the living registration paper from the local police station.) to the International Student’s Office to apply for a visa. If needed, an International Student’s Office staff member will help the student to complete the visa application and/or forms. After following the above mentioned procedures, the student should take all of the visa materials to the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Office for visa application. Under normal circumstances, seven (7) to ten (10) working days are needed to complete the processing of visa applications. Students should keep this in mind to avoid unnecessary problems due to not being able to use their passports, since the PSB will need to have custody of the passport while processing the visa application during this time.

10. Q: How do students pay their tuition, textbook fee and insurance fee?

A: Firstly, a student needs to bring his/her passport to the International Students Office to get the payment notice. Secondly, the student goes to the Bank of China to pay the tuition and textbook fees. Thirdly, the student takes the bank receipt back to International Student’s Office to get the tuition and textbook receipt.

11. Q: What is the procedure for foreign students to register for living in China?

A: Foreigners living in China should, in accordance with the law, apply for registration of accommodation within 24 hours after arrival in China. In most cases, students will first need to fill out a temporary accommodation registration form. If the student lives on campus at Zhejiang Normal University, one of the staff members at the International Student’s Office will be available to assist the student in filling out the form. However, if a student lives off campus, he/she must go to the local police station within the required time, bringing his/her housing contract and other relevant documents with him/her.

12. Q: Does a student need to buy overseas insurance in his/her own country before coming to Zhejiang Normal University?

A: No, students do NOT need to buy overseas insurance. The university will purchase insurance for the students. If students pay tuition fees, they are NOT required to pay insurance premiums. However, if they are on a tuition waiver, students must pay 400 RMB insurance premiums per semester. Full scholarship students are NOT required to pay insurance premiums. Partial scholarship students must pay insurance premiums, if their scholarship does not include medical premiums.

13. Q: Does the University provide pick-up service for new students at the beginning of each semester?

A: Yes, we offer a free pick-up service for new students at the beginning of each semester. The location for pick-up is at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hangzhou Airport. We will notify students of the pick-up date and time in their admission letters. Students must email their flight number and arrival date and time to the International Student’s Office. If a student does not arrive on the scheduled date and time of arrival, the University will not be able to provide pick-up service.

14. Q: How does a student get to Zhejiang Normal University?

A: 1) Students traveling by themselves from Shanghai Pudong Airport to the University: (If you enter China from other cities or on other dates, you can get to our University by train to Jinhua Station.) (金华).Shanghai Hongqiao train station is for high speed trains (RMB 110 yuan from Shanghai to Jinhua). Shanghainan and Shanghai train stations are for ordinary trains (RMB 50-60yuan). When you arrive at Jinhua Station (金华Jinhua Station), take a taxi to our University’s east gate (dōng mén东门) (about 5 minutes, approximate cost, RMB 10 yuan).

2) Students traveling by themselves from the Hangzhou airport: Take the airport shuttle to Jinhua before 5 pm. After arriving in Jinhua, take Bus No.330 to the University’s north gate, or take a taxi to the east gate.

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