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Visa Services

 The first step in preparing the application materials

 You need the following materials:

First, the basic application materials

(A) Passport: valid from the date of application for six months or more, the original passport has blank visa pages and pages of information a copy of a passport photo copies.

(B) the visa application form and photos: Completed and signed the "People's Republic of China visa application form," 1, attached photo requirements: Recently, positive, color (light background), hat, small 2-inch passport photos (48mm × 33mm).

Note: When submitting the application to the visa center, be sure to bring the completed visa application form.

Original and photocopy of nationality if you are not applying for a visa, please provide the local legal residence, work, study or a valid visa valid proof of: 

(C) proof of legal residence or residence (for those not in the country of nationality apply for a visa).

(D) The original Chinese passport or original Chinese visa (for Chinese nationality had, after joining the foreign nationality): The first time you apply for a Chinese visa, please provide the original Chinese passport and a copy of the data page of the passport photograph. If you ever get a Chinese visa, foreign passport holders to apply for a new visa renewal, please provide the original passport photo page and China visa information has received a copy of the (if the name of a new passport and original passport records are inconsistent, please provide the relevant official Change the name of the document issued).

Second, the other application materials

Relevant units or individuals in China issued the invitation letter. The invitation letter must contain the following:

(A) an invitee personal information: name, sex, date of birth;

(B) the person to be invited to China Information: China purpose, arrival and departure date, stay in place, and invite people to invite units or relationships in China, the cost of the sources of the period;

(C) units or invite people to invite information: the name of the host organization or person's name, telephone number, address, inviting Seal, inviting unit legal representative or invite people to sign and so on.

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