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Students Biography | Chenzhen: Flying Dream, In Love with ZJNU

Students Biography | Chenzhen: Flying Dream, In Love with ZJNU


Chenzhen is a third grade student offering a Business Chinese Major. When we saw him, he was playing with his self-made model plane in front of the library. The blue light seems wonderful in the night. Actually, he has been dreaming to be a pilot ever since he was a little boy.

Even though he got good grades in his high school, sadly, he missed the final examination due to lack of money.


Anyway, he continued his dream here in China and he now wants to share this with friends.

Chenlong’s movie and Chinese martial arts are his first impressions of China.

For him, the most important thing is not about the honor, it’s all about his Chinese girlfriend. They learn together and help each other. They do many things together, such as cooking, making mooncake ,making dumplings and so on. He said :" I love her and we will get married in the future. What I am doing now is to work harder to make a better life for her.” Aside his sweet love, Chen also has a lot of good friends.

He always enjoys helping others.

Abdou is one of his friends, Abdou says, “As a friend , I feel lucky to have his company. He is humorous and generous. He usually invites us to his home. Everyone gets on well with him.”

Chen has been away from home for ten years. And he's homesick but the good thing is, he diverts these feelings to help children that are also without their parents’ company. “We feel the same way, and I understand them” Chen said. He teaches them English, introduces Turkish culture to them and also shows them how to play with the model plane.

The children love him, they call him "big brother". Because of the pursuit of his pilot dream, maybe someday he will be a pilot. And we wish him good luck.

Anyway, he still has wonderful stories to tell about his dream and good memories in Zhejiang Normal University.

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