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Bee from Zimbabwe Won Gold Medal in Sport Meeting

Yesterday our school completed the Zhejiang Normal University 41th Student Sports Meeting. Bee from Zimbabwe won gold medal in women 100-metre race.

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Buhle (also named as Bee) is studying mechanical engineering and automation in our school. So she participated the competition as a representative from Engineering school. She is the first international student who take part in sports meeting from engineering school. And she achieves the gold medal in the race.


Both Chinese students and international students can take part in the sports meeting together. So that those international students will communication more with Chinese students and also make new friends. On the other hand, it encourages students to do exercises regularly to keep healthy.

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Bee is an excellent student. When she applied for our school. we awarded her Zhejiang Government Scholarship for freshman because she has good marks and also her talent and achievements in sports. She has been training for running during 2008-2015 (she just come to our school Sep 2015). During these 7 years, she has won 5 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 8 bronze medals in Zimbabwe or some other international competition. She has great passion on running.


Even such an excellent student, she feels confused, homesick and anxious too. The language, the environment and the cultural changes. But the friends and classmates around her, the teachers and her course adviser from CISS (which helped her got admission) talked with her and helped her. She got used to it soon.


She said she wants to get scholarship next year and attend the 2020 Olympic Games. We do believe she will achieve it! 

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